DNA Hall of Shame

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DNA Hall of Shame

Postby DNApro » Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:40 am

Let's hear your craziest stories from the world of DNA collections / testing.

Oh the horror stories I could tell... Let's start off with a mild one. A woman called in because she needed to get a DNA test done on her daughter. The reason? Her teenage daughter was not acting herself lately. She was talking back, being disobedient, staying out late, etc... So clearly this is unprecedented teenage behavior. The woman wanted a DNA test to confirm that her daughter had been replaced by a clone. I'm not even joking.

What I love about crazies like this is you kind of have to humor them and take their requests seriously, no matter how insane. Holding back my laughter I explained that human cloning is illegal, potentially unethical and extremely difficult to do. Not to mention that cloning produces newborns, not adults or teenagers. Furthermore, a clone would have the exact same DNA anyway! And even if they had different DNA, how would we compare them!? Were the clone and the original in the same place at the same time ever? Because you don't really need a DNA test to confirm two people are identical...

I've got way more to share, but I want to hear yours!
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Re: DNA Hall of Shame

Postby Examgirl28 » Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:02 pm

I once had a female client who needed to rush a paternity test between her fiance' and a woman who had shown up to their rehearsal dinner with a 3 month old claiming her husband to be the father. As the couple had been together a number of years this accusation was quite concerning. Long story short, the couple was to be married the following Friday morning and paternity results were released Thursday night.... Unfortunately there was no wedding.. I felt so bad!! But better to know now than 10 yrs down the road... needless to say it was a suspenseful 72 hrs!
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