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Postby pdirector » Thu May 12, 2011 9:50 am

It seems valuable to start a marketing thread where we can discuss marketing tips that have worked well for various direct examiners. Having built a successful direct company, I can start by offering a few ideas that worked well for me:

1. Insurance reps are licensed by one or more states. Each state has license records you can purchase that will show the name, company, and contact information for all agents in that state. I purchased one of these and used it as a contact list for agents.

2. To make sure I could speak with the agent, I would often call the agent's office and ask for the managing agent at that location before I physically went into the office. That way, when I arrived at the office, I was able to ask for someone specifically rather than asking for the managing agent at that time. If you ask for the managing agent when you are physically at the office, you will likely get turned away by a "gatekeeper" assistant more often then if you walk in with the name.

3. Some insurance companies have life specialists. I always asked whether this was the case and if so, made sure to spend time with the agents who write the majority of the life business.

4. Many companies have new-agent training programs or at least meetings. Attending these is key to attract the newest agents, who are most likely to use you since they do not have other relationships already in place.

There are a few ideas for today. I hope everyone else will add to this idea list!
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