Superior Begins Monetary Deductions for Errors

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Superior Begins Monetary Deductions for Errors

Postby toosuper52 » Sat Jul 16, 2011 7:04 am

Superior Mobile Medics will begin deducting money for errors made by examiners. We are so underpaid to begin with, that I find this deplorable. It would be one thing if they rewarded for work "over and beyond the scope of services. Then, one could say it was a fair balance. How many times have you gone the extra mile (or 30) to help them out. Do you find extra money in your check? Everyone makes mistakes and the fact that they are penalizing for errors, i.e., faxing paperwork one day late = $4.00 deduction, is appalling. Other companies do this as well but now I'm really fuming. If you agree, please let Superior know how you feel by sending them an email!
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