Dishonest examiners?

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Dishonest examiners?

Postby alsal » Mon Aug 16, 2010 7:41 am

I'm not sure who placed the post about a specific Indy examiner who falsified a blood test for State Farm, didn't want to spend the time to locate it again, but... I find that story unlikely for 2 reasons. First, SF only approves APPS & Exam 1, second, labs run side by side studies to see if results are exactly the same for more than 1 proposed insured. This would be a solid indicator that fraud was committed. Granted, the 3 labs can't compare notes but IF there is ever any question about the validity of the sample, the insurance companies would be able to determine what happened. This is clearly insurance fraud and should be treated & punished as a federal offense. Examiners need to know that there are ways to catch lack of professionalism and integrity, so don't do it, you could go to prison and deserve to do so.
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