Love This Website!

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Love This Website!

Postby examinerdeb » Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:39 am


I am a relatively new examiner and I just wanted to say how much this website has helped me!
I am just wondering why more examiners are not reading or posting recently has this board moved to another site?
I am also looking to chat with other examiners and wondering if anyone knows about an online chatroom for us.
Any information would be gladly received, just send me a PM here I guarantee a response right away.
Thank you again for using this site it has been incredibly helpful.
I am also looking for used supplies BTW.

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Re: Love This Website!

Postby rjaneway » Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:24 pm

Nothing has moved since we all came away from the msn board, but we do certainly need to get more examiners involved! I believe a lot read the postings but don't feel comfortable providing feedback for some reason.
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Re: Love This Website!

Postby examinerdeb » Wed Dec 02, 2009 6:32 am


Well .....I think maybe people are scared that their employer reads thier post..... and can figure out who it is? (that's one of my issues)
That is why I haven't posted some questions that I still have.
The last thing I need is to lose income coming in, especially before the holidays.
Even if the income is very low and I have to rent my machines.
It's better than nothing for now.

I can also say that when someone posted here at this site that 'this is not a business for people who are "faint of heart"'.
That is discouraging to people. It only applies to stress caused by missing veins, or being taken as a chump.
In everything else we do, I have learned thad to treat people kindly and compassionately is an absolutely necessity.

I also want to add that for people who are new to this business, now is the time to apply and get some experience!!!
This is the time to get moving...... companies want to pay us less this is true, but they hire constantly.

This is an especially good position for people who are meticulous when it comes to filling out forms.
A new paramedical examiner should defintely learn how to take vitals...blood pressure weight etc.

Good luck to all and I still have questions so if anyone wants to communicate with me on some sensitive type topics please send me PM.

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Re: Love This Website!

Postby happyexaminer » Wed Dec 02, 2009 8:21 pm

I agree! It's fun to "talk shop" every now and then. I do love this job, but it is hard to not be able to talk about it much. I like meeting the clients, and the goofballs give you a funny story to tell. Changing the details to protect the innocent, of course! It's a catch-22 with the web site, it seems. Nobody is posting much, so you don't come back to check it very often, so you don't post... Haven't even seen Cynical in Seattle around in a while!
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Re: Love This Website!

Postby CountryExaminer » Tue Dec 08, 2009 6:30 pm

I agree. I'm so glad I stummbled across this site. I too am new to this line of work!! I need more work although. I was laid off work and desided to go back into the medical field. Even trying to get back on with a hospital is diffucult, so I desided to try this? I love it so far. I just dont have much work at all? I'm a little scared but I cant find any fulltime work with any companys? If any one has any ideas how I can build my buisness doing exams please help?

Lisa :D
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Re: Love This Website!

Postby happyexaminer » Sun Dec 13, 2009 1:12 pm

Hey Lisa--

The best advice I can give you is to contract with more than one company. They don't LIKE it when we do that, but that's the privilege of being an independent contractor. The paramed companies can't have it both ways, either make us an employee and give us benefits or you have no say over where and who I work for. I work for Portamedic, APPS, and Superior Mobile Medics. The majority of my work is for APPS, some for PM, and a smattering for SMM. Wish I got more from them, as they pay really well.

It never hurts to go introduce yourself to the local agents, either. They are placing a lot of trust in us. We can cost them a sale if we don't do our jobs professionally. As the wife of a commission salesman, I am perhaps more aware of this than other examiners! I, myself, don't like getting agent direct orders, but you might want to look at it. "My" agents will order from Portamedic (easiest for them to work with) and request me. My thinking is that the paramed companies are always there. I'm not! My guys do know that they can call me if it's a very short notice situation.

I love my job! It can be frustrating. They haven't invented a job yet that isn't! But for me, the rewards outweigh the frustrations.
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Re: Love This Website!

Postby Cynical in Seattle » Thu Nov 04, 2010 4:25 am

I'm here Happy I just never look outside the general discussion page.

Ryan, I've suggested (to you) before that this site should be made completely anonymous to encourage more involvement. I still feel the same way. True, you might get some chaos periodically, swearing, and downright troublemakers, but in my experience on those types of boards you get a lot more honesty.

If you can't do that and membership is a must, you might try explaining the way the board works and let people know how they can "be anonymous" within those confines.

I really believe that getting more activity on the board is crucial to its' survival.
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