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The paramedical examiner network.
The Medical Alliance Network helps connect independent medical companies with qualified medical professionals throughout the continental United States and beyond*. If you are looking to grow your service reach or increase your business income, choose from the following:
as an examiner to receive and respond to contract opportunities in your area
as a provider to find qualified medical professionals
Registration for either option is free and your use of the network helps direct business to the growing community of independent medical professionals. Usage of the network (connecting to available contracts) is also free as an examiner, but does carry per-contract-connection fees as a provider as a means of expanding and supporting the network. As a result, you will be asked to submit a payment method when registering as a provider.
*The Medical Alliance Network is built for the independent examiner and the direct examiner, which means you choose the contracts you accept and those you ignore and the fee you will receive for your service. You can also provide feedback ratings based on your experience with the company that sent you business or the examiner that took the business you offered. Summary feedback is then provided to future Medical Alliance Network users to assist them in making a decision regarding accepting a contract offer or selecting a specific examiner. The Medical Alliance Network does not filter offers or qualify examiner information beyond providing access to user feedback.